The Real Estate Investment Club


Launch of REIC NFT

Join – Real Estate Investment Club Discord to cement your place in an elite community and have a chance at being whitelisted.
WL spots will be given to valued members of the community to build a powerful community of likeminded and influential individuals.
Launch of all social media channels will begin and content will be dispersed out progressively.
Join us on our quest and be part of the aligned vision in taking on the physical, digital and virtual worlds of real estate.
An aggressive marketing campaign which is pre-funded will begin the rounds as soon as REIC goes live to the world.
Giveaway of ‘x’ REIC NFT’s for project collaborations and expansion purposes.
REIC – Litepaper Release.
Release of the REIC – ‘Journey to the MetaHQ’.
The launch of a x6 episode podcast with industry elites.


Minting Phase (REIC – VIP)

Reaching out by building further partnerships within real estate, financial sectors and web 3.0 around the world.
Release of more metaverse themed content in anticipation of the ‘REIC – Journey to the MetaHQ’.
The mint of our first batch of REIC NFT’s will be released to the world through the exclusive REIC – VIP mint.
Another large capital injection into an aggressive marketing campaign to ensure sell out of the REIC collection
Community giveaways and content creation.
Community Polls.
Open up the REIC Holders chats and the exclusive ‘off market deals’ & ’investment opportunities’ channel.
We will start establishing plans for our office HQ in Edinburgh using the resources behind the team here at REIC, the process will be documented to our community.
Community AMA’s with the founders.
Teasers for our 1:1 female REIC NFT’s.
Mortgage payments or rent covered for 12 months/1 year giveaways – paid in ETH (T’s & C’s apply).
Charity donation – chosen by the community through community polling system.
Community AMA’s with founders, developer and industry elites.
Continue to build and retain high quality relationships with our partners and affiliations to begin establishing our presence around the globe.


Post Mint Completion

Release of our Whitepaper (upgraded Litepaper) which will be linked to our x2 partner ventures.
IRL meet ups at premium locations around the globe beginning with our hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland then London, England and all REIC holders will be invited.
1:1 physical asset purchasing in the real world with metaverse backed replicas.
NFT airdrops and Automatic WL spots for all REIC holders.
Start building the platform behind our primary marketplace/exchange for tokenisation & fractionalisation of assets, beginning with real estate.
Metaverse development of the REIC – MetaCity beginning with the REIC MetaHQ, specifically catered to Unreal Engine 5.
Vacations for our community at our Real Estate assets around the globe – Edinburgh, London, Dubai, LA.
Begin development and offering of our token, our community and holders will have access to the ‘TGE’ or ‘airdrop’.
Upon sell out of the REIC NFT collection – REIC will then commission the community fund to Plan the purchase of land parcels in certain metaverses for our community.